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Dr. Yvonne McNulty, PhD, holds a doctoral degree in international business from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. A member of the International Journal of Human Resource Management and Global Business and Organizational Excellence Editorial Advisory Boards, she is also an associate editor at the Journal of Global Mobility, a leading authority on expatriate ROI, and an expert in the field of expatriation. Dr. McNulty has held academic appointments in Philadelphia, Singapore, and Shanghai and is currently on the faculty at Singapore Institute of Management University. A frequent contributor to several major international consultancies, such as Deloitte, Brookfield, Worldwide ERC, and Cartus, her research has been featured in The New York Times, Economist Intelligence Unit, International Herald Tribune, BBC Radio, China Daily, The Financial Times, HR Monthly, Elle Magazine, and Sydney Morning Herald, among others. Her latest book, Managing Expatriates: A Return on Investment Approach (with Kerr Inkson, Business Expert Press, 2013) was recently awarded ‘Best Thought Leadership - Survey or Research Study of the Year’ at the prestigious Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards. An Australian expatriate for nearly 15 years and raising two overseas-born children with her Scottish husband, she can be contacted at ymcnulty@expatresearch.com.

Relocation Begins at 'Hello!'

It always baffles me when I hear people saying relocation is all about getting a rental property in the ‘right area’.


The thing most HR managers and recruiters tend to overlook is the importance of setting the scene at the beginning.

For many of our clients, especially those in the oil and gas industry, the international employment market is very strong and these professionals can take their pick of positions around the world.

Even though you might think that Australia is a very attractive option in terms of lifestyle, it has a high cost of living compared to many other places around the world.  This is magnified by a great deal of propaganda and emotional blogging on the internet.

Another thing to remember is the person you are offering the job to may not be the decision maker, especially where children are involved.  This may be the case not only with the decision to accept the job but also with how long they decide to stay.

The First Step

What we have found really works is getting your relocation provider involved from the start.   A common example is getting a call from an extremely frustrated recruitment company or HR manager who has been working on a potential candidate for months and months only to find they have gone cold.  The reason is usually due to the fact the spouse has cold feet because they are completely overwhelmed and daunted by the move.

If this is the case we have a Skype or phone conversation with the spouse about the move and answer many of their questions and concerns which are usually about housing, schooling and making friends in a new city.

On many occasions we are able to salvage the situation and they end up coming to Australia.  However unfortunately we often see a lot of damage has already been done to the momentum and excitement of the New Job - New Life – New Country.  Typical comments are: “Why didn't they let me talk to you earlier?” or “If I knew that was the case we could have been there yesterday!”

The Anonymous Expert on the Internet Full of All the Wrong Advice


Another problem we see with delaying contact between your potential candidate and the relocation provider is the dreaded internet.  There is a lot of incorrect and misleading information on the moving overseas sites targeting new employees and candidates that can do a lot of damage.

I have witnessed property owners and developers post fictional information to try to boost the price and popularity of particular suburbs.  Another website advises it is crucial to spend $1,500 a week on a rental property and send your children to an expensive private school.  When candidates factor this into their budget they may decide it is not a good decision to come financially.

Don’t Set Them up to Fail with a Lifestyle That is Too Pricey

The Solution:  Get your relocation provider involved from the start!  

There are so many different options to consider when starting your new life in Australia.  The key is to profile the candidate at day one with a detailed survey so the relocation provider can tailor the experience to their individual requirements.  We research the most suitable suburbs, schools and location for their needs and budget; and collate information on other areas such as medical needs and sporting interests.

Before the candidate arrives, it is key that they are sent potential rental properties within their budget, therefore setting the expectations of rental property prices correctly from the beginning.

A Perth Scenario

A family considering sending their children to an expensive private school for $27,000 per year and renting a home in a western suburbs river suburb for $1,500pw.

We would present alternative options in other river suburbs such as Shelley and Rossmoyne with high-performing local public primary and secondary schools at a cost of $4,000 per year and comparable housing renting at $800 per week.

This would save a potential candidate with two children a total of $82,000 per year.

Make it Positive from the Start


Another crucial part of the relocation process that is often overlooked is the personal greeting at the airport.  We frequently receive instructions from a client that the new employee is needed in the office for a meeting as soon as they arrive.  This scenario could leave the family with a sense of abandonment but if your relocation consultant is there to keep the excitement and momentum high this can turn into a positive experience.

Other services that are highly recommended are cross-cultural awareness training and on-going support programs.  These services help your new arrivals meet other individuals and families in similar circumstances; to build networks and friendships and ensure they experience the very best Australia has to offer.

For more information on how you can make this transition as easy as possible please visit our website www.aussieos.com.au.

Business Franchise Opportunity


  • Award Winning Service Provider
  • Low investment & overheads
  • Work from home – No Rent & Flexible Hours
  • Full training provided
  • Ongoing operational assistance

Aussie Orientation Services specialises in tailor made one-on-one relocation programs for individuals and families moving to Australia from overseas or interstate.  These services include but are not limited to familiarisation tours, transport services, home and school searching, asset management, organising information seminars, training programs, social events and activities.

We are currently looking for licensees in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT & SA to assist us with our expansion.

As a Franchisee you will benefit from:

  • The opportunity to share in the success of an established and successful brand already providing services to some of the world’s largest Oil, Gas & Resource companies.
  • The flexibility to set your own work hours and work with the AussieOS team to capitalise on the brand in your area.
  • The security of joining a network of experienced industry professionals offering exceptional training and operational support whenever you need it.
  • The advantages of having a fully integrated marketing program working alongside you to actively promote your business to existing and potential customers


Qualifications & Background Required

Proven Business Development skills are essential and a background in real estate, hospitality, human resources or related fields are desirable however we welcome applications for anyone who feels that this would be an ideal opportunity for their skills and experience.

It is essential that you hold a current and clean driver’s licence, have access to a suitable 4 door vehicle for transporting clients and experienced in the use of internet, email and Microsoft Office.

If you are a person with passion, keen to create your own future, build a strong presence in the community and deliver excellence in customer service then contact us to discuss becoming an Aussie Orientation Services Franchisee.


To register your interest for an information pack please send us your resume and we will contact you. Email info@aussieos.com.au.

Asset Management

residential tenancy agreement
Do you have company leases and want to maximise the amount of bond returned to you?

We can provide assistance with the Asset Management on properties for your expat workforce from commencement to conclusion of the project.  Using our services will enable your HR department to focus on other duties which will take the time and stress out of coordinating the following:

  • Lease Administration
  • Apartment Allocation
  • Key Management
  • Property Vacate & Return to Agents
  • Tenant Management
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Issues

Aussie Orientation Services specialises in tailor-made one-on-one relocation programs. We currently supply our services to Leighton, Total, INPEX, Bechtel, GE Oil and Gas and FMC Technologies amongst others. We have offices in Darwin and Perth and our own consultants based in, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

What sets Aussie apart from other providers is our full range of services, from pre-arrival support to post transition programs which includes - cultural awareness training, ongoing support and networking events.

To find out how we can support your workforce, contact:

Sue Pember - Managing Director E: sue.pember@aussieos.com.au M: +61 (0) 412 742 380 W: www.aussieos.com.au

Cross Cultural Awareness Workshop


If you have arrived from overseas in the last 6 months, we invite you to attend our next Cultural Awareness Workshop on Thursday 20th June, 9am to 12pm.

The workshop:

  • Explores Australian history, culture,  business practices and lifestyle
  • Helps understand the impact of culture on the way we think, behave and communicate
  • Develops awareness of the stages of culture shock
Tickets to the workshop are complimentary for AussieOS clients including partners. Tickets for friends/colleagues are $300 per person. Places are limited so please register to secure your place by emailing ben.bailey-smith@aussieos.com.au

Doing Business with Korea - Executive Breakfast


  Aussie Orientation Services and The Resource Collective are proud to invite you to this special event.

Korea is a country rich in history and culture. With a history of over 5,000 years and significant economic growth and prosperity achieved within one generation, Korea is now one of the G-20 major economies and has a market economy that ranks 15th in the world.  With social relations grounded in ancient Confucianism and modern business culture that fast paced and forward-thinking, Korea is a country that needs closer attention and understanding by Australian business.

Over a gourmet breakfast, Associate Professor of Korean Studies at UWA, Kyu Shin will be providing an essential insight into the culture of Korean people and Pierre Lim-Fat from Quiet Acoustics, will speak about his personal experience in building relationships and negotiations with Korean companies.

Purpose of this workshop To provide valuable and important insights for Australian businesses who are wanting to, or are currently doing business with Korea

Who should attend this workshop

  • General Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Contacts & Procurement Managers
  • Anyone involved in building business relationships & wanting to develop their cultural knowledge

Date: Tuesday 11th of June Time: 7.15am for a  7.30am start - 9.30am Where:  The University Club of Western Australia, Hackett Drive. Please use Entrance 1, Car park 3 for easier accessibility

Cost Early Bird (ends May 29th): $135 per ticket or $1300 for corporate Table (10)

Cost Standard : $150 per ticket or $1450 for corporate table (10)



For more information:

Contact Ben Bailey-Smith on 08 9339 7079 or email to ben.bailey-smith@aussieos.com.au

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5 keys things to remember when applying for a rental property!


We know relocating can be stressful enough, but combine that with applying for rental properties and it all becomes quite time consuming. There are inspections to attend, application forms to fill out and documents to submit and the trips back and forth from the real estate agency that start to make you feel like a virus in a ping pong match!  But that doesn't have to be the way! Why? Because you are with Aussie! Our team of relocation consultants can help take that pain away, nail the application and get your family into your new home without spending your valuable time and eliminate unnecessary hair loss. Here are 5 keys things to remember when applying for a rental property!

1. Submit a complete application - don't leave any blank spaces, eg. If there is no rental history, include home ownership details.

2. Supply plenty of supportive documents - eg. rental agreements & ledgers or rates notices if home owned.

3. Be creative to stand out - eg. including applicant & pet CV, written references from interstate/overseas contacts, increased rent offer.

4. Keep conditions to a minimum - present as an easy going tenant, not one that's hard work.

5. Be courteous to property managers - and when following up, allow them breathing space to process the application (2 - 3 business days), refrain from stalking and being a pesky applicant!

For more information on what Aussie Orientation Services can do for you, visit our website www.aussieos.com.au and watch our fabulous company video!